Meeka is the's personal wedding assistant who came to be the brides and grooms's best friend. She help them with updates about financial, tasks, received gifts and another relevant information. Besides that the app count with the virtual assistant who answer questions and bring insights about their events. The platform use IBM Watson IA solution.
The app had received a lot of attention for being one of the Brazilian apps to use this kind of technology and figured at big publishers like MacMagazine, G1, Folha de São Paulo, PE&GN and others.  

⦿  Collaboration with the naming, personification, storytelling and definition of the personality of the Meeka character as robot personal assistant humanoid
⦿  Art Direction for the character illustration designed by Aline Sentone
⦿  Brand identity, color pallete, typograph and visual guidelines
⦿  App User Experience Design, navigation workflows
⦿  Concept validation with a beta testers group 
⦿  UI Design and prototyping
Fluxo do chat com a Meeka
RSVP - Lista de convidados e eventos

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