- today Wedy - is a online platform who help brides and grooms to plan their wedding managing tasks, finding providers, guests relationship and receiving gifts as money or products from partner shops.
The company was selected to be part of Start-up Brasil program in 2016 and capted investiment with Ventiur, a Brazilian startup accelerator. had a fast-pace growth and became the leader of wedding digital platforms receiving highlights on the Brazilian media as a synonym of innovation for having built on of the first IA conversational interface based on IBM Watson technology, Meeka the personal wedding assistant.
As product Product Designer my main goal was to contribute with the product and the company to become better and bigger everyday, aiming the exponential growth, doing a data-driven work and working closer to the brides and grooms to help them to make their dream come true with easier.
I had worked closer to the Development and Product Marketing teams proposing design solutions always advocating on behalf of the user, besides contributing to company growth, elevating the company reputation and brand awareness with a strong brand presence. 
The redesign evolution of the Brides' Panel was done from a solution previously built on Ruby using a HTML framework. Because of that was needed to attend some directions and technical limitations.
⦿  Brand identity, visual standards an the first styleguide
⦿  Branding guidelines, brand image, storytelling and brand positioning
⦿  Color palette and typography
⦿  Product development process bringing to the company the Design culture
⦿  Low and high-fidelity prototyping using Adobe XD and co-creating workshops with sketching, navigation workflows and user experience design

Dashboard inicial do Painel dos Noivos - Versão 4.0 2016

Menu Dropdown

Listagem das listas de presentes ativas

Listagem da movimentação financeira, mostrando presentes em dinheiro recebidos

Tela inicial do processo de criação de listas de presentes

Fluxo de busca por fornecedores

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